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Push Up Challenge: Day 22

This post is going to be short and quick for today is day 22 of my push up challenge. I am very happy to report that my main goal to do 30 full push ups has been achived! My plan was to ease into it over the course of the month. Slowly do more full push ups and less modified, but Saturday night I did it! 30, no knees push ups! Granted they were ugly but I did it! 10 whole days before my deadline! My arms were hurting after, but It felt so good to get there. This challenge is so much more then push ups. It is a challenge of dedication to myself, making new habits, and seeing results from constant work. When I first started this challenge, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to do. I could maybe get 10 regular push ups in a row, and I haven’t done much in weeks. The amazing adaptability of the human body astounds me. The way it adjust, fixes, and grows is amazing.

I have 8 more days left of this challenge and I find it almost sad. It has done so much for me physically and mentally. I made sure I did my push ups if I missed a day, and as you saw I had to do 90 once for missing 2 days. It brings me reassurance that I can do what I put my mind too. Anything is possible.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did something new, challenged yourself, and or enjoyed the outdoors.

My Best,




So this has been a topic in my brain for a little while now. I don’t feel like I can be a CrossFit Coach yet because A) Money, and B) I am still a beginner myself. There is still a lot of form work in my part and I can’t kip at all. But I love the atmosphere CrossFit brings, and I love feeling like I make a difference. I also love the lifestyle it promotes.

I always thought being a coach would also keep me on track. You can’t say no to the gym if you are already there! Plus you are around people who feel the same way you do about the sport. You get to encourage them, help them reach their goals. I ask myself, how could this be bad? I am thankful to have been able to discuss such topics with a coach at the box I am at. He loves this sport and is going for his Level 3! Amazing dedication if you ask me. Most coaches start at Level 1 and stay there. I admire his dedication a lot, and he always has great pointers and ideas to help you get through your WODs. He truly goes beyond fixing form. There is also the owner who as well, dives in and educates himself beyond CrossFit. He knows mobility exercises I wouldn’t of ever thought of. They are making big differences for me, for I came in with hip tightness, squat issues and angle locking. My ankle is about 80% better, my squats are almost there and hips are always a daily work in progress.

I love that, I love that they are helping me get over issues I have carried with me for years, just in a few months. CrossFit coaching if you put yourself into it, is so much more then teaching a class. So this is where I get my idea of joining the thousands of coaches nationwide has come from. It is a place of fun, hard work, dedication, inspiration, passion and friendship. To get into money and hour details, this position is mostly a PT gig that has a average base pay. But honestly, that works perfect for me. I have desires to move forward with my photography and have a studio someday. Another job that would be a PT thing (unless that grew bigger, but for now it’s PT).
What are your thoughts about coaching and coaches? Would you take the dive and get into it? Do you think you could benefit others how it benefits you? Changes you made, that you can pass on to others? Your story?

Let me know!

Stay well!


My 90 Push Up Penalty

So I missed 2 days of my push up challenge…my week has been one of those weeks where if something went wrong…it did. I managed to stay on track most of the days, but this past weekend. Life kind of knocked me down emotionally. Leaving me to just want to run under my covers and hide. I honestly feel like I was walking down an alley, trying to reach the “Happy Lounge” to soak up some good vibes and people when I got ambushed by life, money, love, and depression. I was beat down and left to lie there…and as I lay on the brick laid road, I watched the rain weave in and over the uneven bricks. The sound of the rain is all I can focus on, for I feel numb and broken.  The rain sounds peaceful but also symbolizes how alone I really am.

So today even though I don’t feel 100%, I am making myself do 90 push ups. I am going to maybe do a mini WOD at home to help break them up and feel more productive with it. I hate that CrossFit has been put on the back burner due to funds. The nice thing is I have a photo deal with this box, so I CrossFit there, but the downside is the location is 40 minutes away from home. Right now, cash is not on my side, so I have had to stop going almost completely. Which is painful, and a main source to my sanity.

As for the grain free challenge, I have been pretty good with that. I only had two days where I had grains.  I wanted 30 days free, but I realized that is almost impossible! So I gave myself one cheat day. Unfortunately I let my emotions choose the food. Another work in progress :-/

So as the quote says,  “Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen”. Keep going even when you fall. Try to keep positive and focused on the happier things in life. A thanks to my boyfriend for reminding me all day to stay positive and that I have support. Thank you for all of you who read these. I know I get personal a little in these, but life isn’t full of rainbows. It is full of struggles and I want to be able to show real life. Not the “real” life we are use to seeing now and days.

Stay well and be fit!

My Best,


Day 9

So today is day 9 of both “Grain Free” and “30 Push Ups a day” challenges I made for myself. I picked the quote because it is so fitting to real life. You will make mistakes, and you will not be perfect. So focus on the steps you make, and be happy. Don’t wait till the end to be happy. I am very proud of my success so far. I only had two days I missed Push ups, so I doubled them, and one day where I had some grains.

I admit to you that I had one pancake… and only the one. Reason? My boyfriend and I went to a place (yes we went out…but it was for a special reason) that specialized in their breakfast. One being their pancakes. So him and I both ordered a healthy breakfast with one pancake. We had our coffee with Maple instead of sugar or cream. As for the creamers they placed on the table… well we played Janga with them. Does anyone else out there stack them too?

So take that pancake out and you have a pretty clean week. I weighted myself, for I noticed I was less bloated, and my pants were loose. Sure enough I had dropped 2 lbs. I knew my issue was grains and carbs. I took a week of eating lettuce wrapped tuna with almonds with a side of veggies for lunch. I had simple dinners with 1/3 meat and 2/3rd veggies. Breakfast being a quick shake of almond milk, spinach, powdered PB, banana and frozen fruit. Snacks for the day being almonds and hard boiled eggs. This week I have shakes, cauliflower stir fry left overs for lunch and pork chops with baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

So I had one day of a small give in, but this week I have a plan and feeling confident. I am feeling really good with my choices and the decisions I am making to better myself. I am also back at the gym tonight doing CrossFit, so I am happy. Slowly getting back into the groove of things 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Stay well.

My best,


Cauliflower Stir Fry!

Hello and good day to you all!

So I made one of my staple foods last night, cauliflower stir fry! When I started my whole30, this became one of my go to meals. It was easy, quick and delicious! Last night I didn’t have all of the ingredients I usually have on hand, but I still made it work.

You can use any kind of meat for this. Chicken, pork, chorizo (so good), sausage, etc. Last night I had teriyaki pork tenderloin (on sale for $3.00) cooked and cut up. I used two frozen stir fry veggie medleys and 2 heads of cauliflower (total of $10). I usually use Coconut Aminos (one bottle is about $7) and organic chicken broth ($3.00) to flavor the cauliflower as it cooks. But last night I improvised and used Chili Garlic hot sauce instead.

To make this dish you will need some kind of blender or food processor to break down the cauliflower into “rice like” texture. When cutting the cauliflower down, I find it easier to cut the bottom at an angle and cut into all sides, but this way is also recommend. Once the bottom is gone, you can then cut it into 3rds. In each 3rd I cut into thick slices, then half those. This should give you sizes small enough just to fit into the food processer shoot. If you have a blender then you can just rip the florets off and place into the blender.

As you are getting your rice started, have a big enough pot heating up on the stove. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to coat the bottom. Once you have pulsed your rice, you can now start loading it into the pot. Note: two heads make about 2 – 3 full containers in the food processor. Don’t have the heat too high to prevent burning. Treat this now as you would fried rice. Stir often, flavor to taste. As I mentioned before this is when I put a little broth and aminos in. If you have spices go ahead and put them in! Once the rice has gotten halfway cooked you can add your frozen veggie mix until warm. If you have fresh veggies, I’d cook them along with the meat in a separate pan, then combine at the end. Meat should be cooked separately in this case so it is fully cooked. If you want to make it like cauliflower fried rice in a wok, then treat it like that. (side note: My boyfriend and I made this one night, and it was soo good. We didn’t miss the Chinese place down the street).

That is pretty much it! So simple, so good, under $20 (if you have the aminos already on hand) and 100% Paleo 🙂 (watch the meat, some are not Paleo like my teriyaki meat), I get about 6-7 containers/meals worth, which equals less then $4 a meal. I hope this helps any of you who were wondering about it, and or want to try it.

Stay Well!


30 Day Push-Up Challenge

So I decided to set a challenge for myself that was inspired by Spartan’s Monthly challenges. 30 push ups, 30 days. So far I am doing ok. I got so busy editing photos for a client yesterday that I forgot to do them. It was day two, so it happens sometimes. You forget early on, don’t feel bad if this ever happens to you. For me, it just means I have 60 to do today.

Why challenge yourself if you are doing workouts already? Because it is good to set goals, and challenge yourself beyond your normal routine. I give credit to my boyfriend for this inspiration. He has said this to me since day one 🙂 And it is so true. Yes I CrossFit, yes I run sometimes(and I mean sometimes…not a big runner), but why stop there? If you stop, you are only limiting yourself. A concept in which I was very much OK with a few years go. I was do some here and there and felt good I did something. That is great when you are starting out. You are moving and shaking and accomplishing more then before! But as I found out years into this new life, and new fitness journey. You have to push yourself to grow. You have to push to be fit…and being the almost fit chick…well I must make some changes to get past it.

So since this month has been weird for working out and making it to CrossFit as often as I would like. I am challenging myself. I am also challenging myself one more by not eating grains for a month! You read right. No bread, no pizza, no breaded chicken (even if baked), no granola, no rice, no pasta, no mac and cheese…none of it.

How do you deal? Well, since I have done the whole30 and found grains to actually bother me. I have found alternatives. Cauliflower being the best one! You can make rice out of it, mashed “potatoes”, it can be a filler, and a pizza crust. It is so versatile, I often wonder how this amazing vegetable was not promoted before. Now that Paleo and gluten free has become more known, recipes are out in full force!

This week I plan to make one of my staple meals. Cauliflower stir fry! I will post the recipe soon. It make enough for a week if you are meal prepping, and it cost less then $20. It is healthy, clean eating and filing! Making it easy to stay on track.

So with the meal and push up challenge going on, I am feeling more confident in myself. I am not going to feel bad if I miss a day on push ups because I can make those up. I know I can do the food because I had to before. It is a month of almost redemption for myself. I fell off the food wagon, and had issues beyond my control limiting my working out time. This month I take back me!

Join me on my push up challenge! The rules are to do 30 a day for a month. That can be 10 in the morning, 10 at lunch and 10 before bed. Or all 30 at once during a good time for you. If you miss a day, you just double it up the next. What do you say? Is there another challenge you are doing or have done for yourself? Would love to hear your stories!

Stay well and be fit!


Lake Time Fun

So Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I seized the day and went out to his lake and enjoyed the open waters. I, who has never been in a Kayak was introduced to it, while he on a stand up paddle board. I had no idea these things had little feet peddles you had to rest on with your knees slightly bent. I always thought you just sat in and went. Nope.

So after getting that squared away, we filled up the watertight storages with snorkel gear and shoes and were off. His lake is about 6+ miles around? So we kept to the edge and looped the whole lake. In between we stopped and snorkeled a little but the water clarity that day was not that great. I tried out the paddle board which was actually fun. I had a hard time balancing on it, so for him to go the whole lake was impressive. We even got close to the neighbors water plane which was neat.

The lake was buzzing with activity so we had to stop now and then for the high waves to pass. I am still shocked at how fast some of these boats go when close to small boats and swimmers. I know it is against water regulations, but no one is out there to patrol. Other then those hiccups, we had a great time. We managed not to get sunburnt too (still can’t figure that one out). It was just such a beautiful day.

So I am happy I got to try two new things, and put another check mark on my list of things to do/learn. We do have plans to go to Salem MA and kayak their tour there. I, now that I have some idea on how to kayak. I am ready and excited for that day! I need more paddle work, for I used my arms more then I was suppose too. But, I have all summer to work on it 😉  Hope you had a great weekend and got to get out and do something new too!

Stay well!


kayakelakeplane brookepaddlekayak mepaddle

Heavy Weight Blues

One thing I heard many times when starting CrossFit was that some days the weight just feels “Heavy”. You logically think, why would that be? Once you hit a weight amount, it should be uphill from there? Nope, there are so many factors as to why this happens. Dehydration, lack of energy, not the right nutrition to give you what you need, that burger and fries the night before. Sometimes there is no explanation. It just happens.

This morning I had one of those mornings. I went to my 8am class and we had thrusters and deadlifts as a METCON. Now I just went over thrusters with my trainer Tuesday and I was at 55lbs. This morning? 35lbs. I was not happy with the sudden issue of lifting that bar over and over at 55lbs. It was so easy Tuesday? Well my reason was a few factors. Food the night before, and dehydration. My boyfriend and I made a deal that we were to stop going out to eat for 30 days. Last night was the last one. So we splurged with burgers and fries.

It made its effect on me today. My Kettlebell was low as well this am. But the one thing I learned over the course of doing Crossfit and for myself was that I need not to punish myself if this happens. Especially when you did everything right and you just weren’t there. I used my light weight to work on form instead. I took that ketchup and turned it into salsa as they say.

It is apart of the growing process of being a fit person and working out safely. If I felt it was too much and still went with it, I then would be putting myself in a situation of injury. And that is the LAST place you want to be, especially me and my rest day issues.

So if you are reading this and feel this way as well, know that it is OK. It won’t be this way every time and take a breath and find positives in it. Know what to change, and how to grow from it. It will help you be a better athlete and better at dealing with disappointments in life. I am no way a coach or a professional, but I speak from experience. CrossFit for me has become my life’s teacher. I am learning soo much about myself, my abilities and overall coping of life’s challenges. If you haven’t done it, or fear it. I say try it once and see what you think. It never hurts to try.

Hope you are all well in your fitness journey. Thanks for checking in on mine, and have a fantastic weekend!

Rest Days

I am not that person who works out at the gym 6 days a week, nor do I wish too. At least not right now anyway. So to have rest days…feels like going back. I feel like I shouldn’t have them, and this guilt comes over me. They are very important into rebuilding and recovering, but lately I have had injuries and sickness that has caused my working out time to be cut in half. Which now has led me to have that feeling of no motivation. You know what I am talking about. That moment when you spend too many days off and suddenly going back gives you that old dread you felt before going to gym class. The “Oh man, do I really want to do this?”. The one thing you have to remember (that I forget all the time by the way) is that once you go and start again. You feel so much better. Not only better about yourself, but physically too. You are back! If you find that you really have a hard time getting mentally there. Do this trick that you may of heard of. Put on your workout clothes. Once you are in them…you find that your are more motivated to work out.

So the reason for the post was to express that rest days are tough. They can make one slid right back into that slop of non-movement and to I assure you, you are not alone in this. Tell yourself it is ok and that you just have to get back into it. You have to get yourself there and you will return happily. Even when you can not see it right away. Today I plan to do a run. I don’t know where, or how, but I do. I would do CrossFit but my box has its last class at 3pm. I work till 4 :-/

So here is my question for you. How do you deal with rest days and what do you do to help you get past that guilt, that funk and back into what makes you happy.

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