So it is day 11 of the month of Feb. I am happy to say I was able to get an average of 2 days in at Crossfit for the month paid by my boyfriend. The last week I lost days due to the loss of my great aunt. She lived over an hour away and getting to the wake and funeral did not allow time to go. But as always that is ok, for remembering a life is always more important. Crossfit will always be there.

As for my food intake, I am happy to say I am doing ok. I started my whole30 off later then I wanted to. The after funeral service was sandwiches only…But I am happy that I still lost weight. I also have two new paleo books to read and try recipes from. That I am super excited about! Taro nachos here I come!

After a month a White Mountain Crossfit, I have to say I do not mind them. I had never broken away from my first Crossfit gym so I had nothing to compare it too. This gym is much bigger and has more coaches and class times. I found the 4pm class very convenient since the gym is less then 2 minutes down the road from my work. Changing and getting in for the warmup is doable. The weekends have open gym which I love. That is my PR day. I am happy to say I back squatted over  144Lbs! I VERY new PR. My last was maybe just over 100? So big jump. This Saturday I am curious to what my deadlift will be. Last PR was 165, and that was in July.

Life, as always, has given me so much to worry about, and I really wish I didn’t. I wish I had the power to shut it off. You all read the positive quotes about letting it go, and don’t waste your energy. But somethings…just don’t go away. They feel too important. So am I wrong to worry? My job is a big one. We are 4 months on 32 hours and there is no real improvement in sight. We were told at the end of the month(maybe) we may hear if they plan to go back to 40 hours or cut people. The one hinted at is the cutting people. Now we have worked with each other all for a minimum of 12 years. It is like a family. I am not really ready to say goodbye to my family.

I also need to move, and start my photography business and other aspect of my life are not in place to where I want them. The area I want to move too is expensive and breaking into that area would mean marketing hard! I could loose everything…So yes, lots and lots on the mind.

But on the positive side, I am always grateful that you can go to a gym, lift that heavy weight, or go for a run, or dance your ass off in Zumba to help yourself through it. Fitness is a must in life, and it won’t ever leave you. Only you leave it, and it always welcomes you back.

I’m signing off, stay well and happy.


P.S. I am watching on periscope right now 🙂