So as I wrote to you before, I am very happy that I have started getting back into CrossFit because it is one of those things that is just apart of you. You have to do it in your life, and you miss it when you step away. You just need it.

Well Whole30 is something I need to do again. I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago and it all started with Whole30. Well, two years later I weigh almost the same as I did two years ago, my pant size is not the same (which lets me know my weight has muscle to blame which is NOT a bad thing) however, I did still gain fat. That I am not happy about.

I had hoped that I could live my life being 80/20 paleo. But I am learning that my body is not taking it like it did 2 years ago. My body needs to be more stripped like 95/5 paleo. In a lot ways this is depressing. I had always hoped that could enjoy some things and still eat clean. But as I see myself in the mirror. It is not how it is meant to be.

This is where the Whole30 comes in. It is 30 days of pure paleo eating. It will get be back into living this way. I always lose weight and measurements when I do this, and I get use to not having sugar and carbs and get icky when I have them again. Feeling icky is the best thing for you because you avoid it. I need to get back into avoiding.

I also have been cutting back on caffeine and I am very happy about this. I do not wish to have coffee as soon as I get up, and I do not feel like I need it anymore. So I know I have the will power. It will just be hard with so many birthdays going on, and my life stresses. I have a ton going on and some days I really just want pizza and ale. I have been SO good about not doing it, and making a healthier versions. Not 100% what you want, but it works.

So as of next month I am going to try to get back on a Whole30. Get back to where I use to be. Physically and mentally.

I wish you all well in your fitness journeys and be true to yourself.

My best,