CF-KLM-ropeSo this new  year I told myself I really need to get back into fitness. So I took the one month membership I have been holding onto for dear life at a local Crossfit gym and activated it. I was waiting for the right time, and it just seemed now was it. I can no longer afford to drive to the one I was going too, and this just seemed to make sense.

I am now 3 weeks in and I forgot how much I love and hate it! I love pushing myself, but I hate the workout as I am doing it. But by the time you are done, it feels AMAZING! I am reminded of my old goals of becoming a trainer and working towards my photography dreams in the mean time. My job situation has given me real reasons to consider this idea.

I had hoped I wouldn’t be put into a position where I have to decide to stay and wait for the ax, or to move forward and leave it behind. I did not think it would end this way, but here I am. Trying to decide what to do with my life, again. I have never found myself to be very positive in life adventures for they always came with tons of struggle and unhappiness. I hope this time around it wont be that way. I will finally be happy with my life, and my job. I am trying to get back to being happy with myself. I lost myself the past few years by letting people and food control me.

I am back at having a slight food addiction and stressing about what is to come has not been helpful. This new year was another way to get off that and start back to where I was 2 years go. I miss that girl from two years ago. She was happy, thriving, in a size she LOVED, and felt good. I want her.

So I end this quickly for I am actually getting ready to go hit a 3pm class. I have no idea what the workout is, but I know I am going anyway. I wish you all the best and hope you are taking this new year and doing good for you, because you deserve it!

My best in health,

The almost fit chick,