So this year has been a really tough one. My bills went up, and pay stayed the same leaving me to limit travel ( yet again). I signed up for the lurong challenge to keep me going, which I am so glad I did because I stayed Paleo for 7 weeks! I lost weight, improved on my benchmark workouts! I was thrilled. two weeks later my job made me part time…now I have two part time jobs with no time to myself. When it rains…

So I am sorry for not being around to discuss my progress for I really have no time to even make any. This year has been so tough for me and I have tried so hard to keep my chin up and look at the bright side but it is soo hard when one bad thing happens right after another. I miss CrossFit, and I miss doing my photography.

I feel drained and I haven’t even started on dealing with not having enough money for my bills coming up. So I am off to do a job search and I am off to get a new fresh start in the year 2016. I hope to get there and get back to the way things were.

I hope you all are doing well and staying to your fitness goals!


My best,