That is right, I decided to do another personal challenge. This time I posted it on Facebook and got a following. The goal is to do 30 second planks for a 30 days. The 4th being day one. I was happy surprised to see family and friends join in. A group big enough to create a small group page to post our progress and offer support. It has been a humbling beginning as pictures and times are posted. I feel good that I started something that has given a dominoes effect to others. Is this what it feels like to push people and to help them be a better self? Because I like it 🙂

Though this challenge was for me, I am really happy to see others join in. I am trying to keep fitness where I can in my life and I have been looking into Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coaching heavily this past week. I am ready for a change, and I am ready for my life to begin.

I hope you are well and going strong on your fitness journeys! I know mine is still just the beginning!