So it’s been a fun filled weekend! Been busy with family, friends, photography and adventues! I have been slowly getting back to fitness. I was able to go to CrossFit twice in one week! I learned the methods of Kipping and how to work my way up to s strict pull up as I mentioned previously. I started researching and getting information on getting a Level One CrossFit certification. I also was able to kayak for the second time 🙂 Though the rental was a bit of a pain and had me second guessing my skills. Turned out it wasn’t just me. The kayak’s rudder was warn out and kept going up or turning the wrong way. In turn my arms got a major workout!

It has been so nice going out and doing things again. Went out with friends on the lake. Had a wonderful dinner which included a beer can chicken. My boyfriend has been dying to try it. Splurged on some ice cream 🙂 Overall a great day.

The following day we met up with my Dads family reunion. I love this, and look forward to it every year. Family from all over come to play softball and catch up. I splurged a little on chips, dip and one cookie. But! I had a hamburger on my grain free bun 🙂

I included pictures from the previous weekend as well when we stopped at Shaker Village and the tall ships 🙂

Hope all of you are well! I am planning a new monthly challenge of 30 second planks a day. I’m 4 days behind, but I want to add core work and with the little time I seem to have, this will be a great “for now” alternative. Hope you join me!

Stay well!