This month was one for the books. I haven’t been so stuck in a position of getting up, going to work, getting home to only work some more then bed. I had goals as you may of remembered to run twice a week. Fresh from being inspired by a Ragnar Relay my boyfriend and friends did. To my demise, I got too busy, even for myself. I decided to run a yard sale to get rid of stuff, in the same time frame as I was doing a newborn shoot. Along with this I got orders in the mail I had to take care of. My time got spent really quickly. On top of that I had CrossFit photos to take and edit.

So here I am, finally taking the moment to write 29 days into this month. I know life happens and you have to put things aside, but I had a hard time putting CrossFit and running aside. I never wanted to be that person that says “I don’t have time”…but for the first time, I felt like I didn’t. I was up late and up early. I even went into a slight depression over it. Crossfit keeps me sane…

The good news is, I was able to go last night and do a personal training session with my coach. Boy did I miss it. We worked on pull ups and kipping. I was happy to find out he was impressed on how quickly I picked up on the movements for the kip. I thought I looked funny so yay to me!  I wish I had all the time in the world to just focus on my body and working on it, then wasting my day at a job that does nothing for me. I hate my job now, and I don’t have a lot of photography. My photography is a big goal of mine to make it more dominate in my life, but if I had to have a job to pay the bills. I really want it to be a positive one.

As the past few days have gone by, the feeling of wanting to be a coach has progressed again. I learn so much from my coach and all the coaches at this gym…I just want to tell the world! And Crossfit is such a love for me. It feels like a no brainer. I just wish it wasn’t $1,000 for the class…

On another note, I am SO happy to say that I went back to my Paleo ways. For about 3 weeks with one or two cheat days each week, I lost 11lbs 🙂 It makes me feel so good knowing what works best for me, and when I slip up,  I just need to get back on that wagon and do it. Keep that in mind! You can get back!

That wagon tumbles and turns on you but you can get right back on! I hate to make false promises and I feel as if I made one this month. I am hoping that next month delivers more for me and I can get my life back. Hopefully a new goal path will be laid out and I can finally have the life I want. Because all that is stopping me, is me 🙂

Hope you are all well in your fitness journey’s! My best.