So this past weekend ended up being a pretty good, fun filled time. Saturday, as many did. Was celebrated with a family reunion/BBQ at the parents house. It started off crummy with rain, but finally let up just in time for the food to cook as the sun came out to warm us up. By 7, my boyfriend and I decided to Geocache. If you don’t know what that is, it is almost like treasure hunting, but instead it is people’s “caches” that you are finding. One person or persons will make a Geocache by placing an item and a log book. You find this cache via the Geocache app. Here the coordinates of this location is shown on the phone. When you find it, you log your name into the book inside the cache (box, canister, plastic bag, etc) and in the app. There you can also tell others if the cache needs maintenance, updating, or if it no longer exists (lot was paved over, someone stole it, etc). We could not reach this particular cache since it was too far into the woods and we only had flip flops on, but we walked further past the location to find and old mill spot. There are tons of these around the state and here was one, right in my backyard! There apparently was an old brick mill close by which was indicated in the foot path along with the map. We will most likely be back to get the cache when fall hits.

Sunday we set out for a hike that we have waited about a year to do. Up in the White Mountains on Mt. Waternomee. There is a plane crash site from 1942. A B-18 Bomber plane which was on a training excursion misplaced their location for RI after some time had passed, and they were not familiar with the surroundings. Due to the weather in January, visibility was faulty as well. Unfortunately they descended thinking that was the correct path to get back, when in fact it brought them low enough to hit the mountain. The crew of 7 hit hard, shattering the plane as it landed. 2 men did not make it, 3 were able to walk down the mountain hurt to find rescue, and 2 were in critical condition. Amazingly the town of Lincion, snowshoed up to rescue these men.

The story is a sad one to hear, and the site is unbelievable to see. The places of the parts we know are not all in the same place they landed. Shortly after the crash, a bomb squad was sent up to detonate the bomb on board for safety. Also it has been over 70 years of weather, hikers, and animals that could of touched and moved them. But the site is one to see. The  hike up was rough for me, for I haven’t hiked straight up hill in a long time. It is a total of 2.23 miles, 1.4 to the base, 1 up. It felt like two hours to the top, but it was more like 1 hours and 45 minutes. You can see the trees lesson when you get close to the crash site. Over the years the trees have grown back, but for this one area…it shows its history.

We walked all around the area, with the center being a rock with a plaque on it. Dedicated to the Men on this plane. In the middle of the path was 3 American Flags. A reminder of the freedom we fight for and the ones lost in the wars. This crash was January 14th 1942…War had just started a month earlier. To see the blue circle and the white star on the wing… was surreal for me. I had planes I played with, with my brothers that had that symbol. Movies watched throughout school in history class, and here it was. Right in front of me. No prop, no plane on display at a museum. This was the reality. This crash symbolized all the planes shot down to me. This may of been an accident, but this happened so often during the war. The men that did not survive…

Here are a few pictures I took of the plane, the trail too it and one of me at the Mill.  If you are an adventure, and love history. This is one to put in your books. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! Stay fit!

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