it is the first of July! Last months challenge is done! No more daily push ups! This month I set out a new goal for me. Running.  Yes, I hate running. I say it loud and often. But… I have to embrace the suck. I don’t like that my average time has gone back up to 13 minutes. I hate that I’m heavier then last year. I am not happy where I am physically.  So, I can sit and cry about it. Or… do something about it. So today I ran. Waited for the clouds to lift after a thunderstorm and took off. To greet me at the first turn into the road was a rainbow 🙂  My route is dull and straight, but almost comes to 3 miles. I use my mapmyrun app and jam to rock music.  My goals this month are two things. Get my average back to 11, and get my 5k down to 35 minutes. I hope I can get the time and miles in between photography, possible second job, and yard sale set up I have going on.  I’ll be happy if I can get at least two days in! You guys are my witnesses!  I hope you are doing well in your fitness journeys 🙂  Keep moving!  -Katie