This post is going to be short and quick for today is day 22 of my push up challenge. I am very happy to report that my main goal to do 30 full push ups has been achived! My plan was to ease into it over the course of the month. Slowly do more full push ups and less modified, but Saturday night I did it! 30, no knees push ups! Granted they were ugly but I did it! 10 whole days before my deadline! My arms were hurting after, but It felt so good to get there. This challenge is so much more then push ups. It is a challenge of dedication to myself, making new habits, and seeing results from constant work. When I first started this challenge, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to do. I could maybe get 10 regular push ups in a row, and I haven’t done much in weeks. The amazing adaptability of the human body astounds me. The way it adjust, fixes, and grows is amazing.

I have 8 more days left of this challenge and I find it almost sad. It has done so much for me physically and mentally. I made sure I did my push ups if I missed a day, and as you saw I had to do 90 once for missing 2 days. It brings me reassurance that I can do what I put my mind too. Anything is possible.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did something new, challenged yourself, and or enjoyed the outdoors.

My Best,