So this has been a topic in my brain for a little while now. I don’t feel like I can be a CrossFit Coach yet because A) Money, and B) I am still a beginner myself. There is still a lot of form work in my part and I can’t kip at all. But I love the atmosphere CrossFit brings, and I love feeling like I make a difference. I also love the lifestyle it promotes.

I always thought being a coach would also keep me on track. You can’t say no to the gym if you are already there! Plus you are around people who feel the same way you do about the sport. You get to encourage them, help them reach their goals. I ask myself, how could this be bad? I am thankful to have been able to discuss such topics with a coach at the box I am at. He loves this sport and is going for his Level 3! Amazing dedication if you ask me. Most coaches start at Level 1 and stay there. I admire his dedication a lot, and he always has great pointers and ideas to help you get through your WODs. He truly goes beyond fixing form. There is also the owner who as well, dives in and educates himself beyond CrossFit. He knows mobility exercises I wouldn’t of ever thought of. They are making big differences for me, for I came in with hip tightness, squat issues and angle locking. My ankle is about 80% better, my squats are almost there and hips are always a daily work in progress.

I love that, I love that they are helping me get over issues I have carried with me for years, just in a few months. CrossFit coaching if you put yourself into it, is so much more then teaching a class. So this is where I get my idea of joining the thousands of coaches nationwide has come from. It is a place of fun, hard work, dedication, inspiration, passion and friendship. To get into money and hour details, this position is mostly a PT gig that has a average base pay. But honestly, that works perfect for me. I have desires to move forward with my photography and have a studio someday. Another job that would be a PT thing (unless that grew bigger, but for now it’s PT).
What are your thoughts about coaching and coaches? Would you take the dive and get into it? Do you think you could benefit others how it benefits you? Changes you made, that you can pass on to others? Your story?

Let me know!

Stay well!