So I missed 2 days of my push up challenge…my week has been one of those weeks where if something went wrong…it did. I managed to stay on track most of the days, but this past weekend. Life kind of knocked me down emotionally. Leaving me to just want to run under my covers and hide. I honestly feel like I was walking down an alley, trying to reach the “Happy Lounge” to soak up some good vibes and people when I got ambushed by life, money, love, and depression. I was beat down and left to lie there…and as I lay on the brick laid road, I watched the rain weave in and over the uneven bricks. The sound of the rain is all I can focus on, for I feel numb and broken.  The rain sounds peaceful but also symbolizes how alone I really am.

So today even though I don’t feel 100%, I am making myself do 90 push ups. I am going to maybe do a mini WOD at home to help break them up and feel more productive with it. I hate that CrossFit has been put on the back burner due to funds. The nice thing is I have a photo deal with this box, so I CrossFit there, but the downside is the location is 40 minutes away from home. Right now, cash is not on my side, so I have had to stop going almost completely. Which is painful, and a main source to my sanity.

As for the grain free challenge, I have been pretty good with that. I only had two days where I had grains.  I wanted 30 days free, but I realized that is almost impossible! So I gave myself one cheat day. Unfortunately I let my emotions choose the food. Another work in progress :-/

So as the quote says,  “Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen”. Keep going even when you fall. Try to keep positive and focused on the happier things in life. A thanks to my boyfriend for reminding me all day to stay positive and that I have support. Thank you for all of you who read these. I know I get personal a little in these, but life isn’t full of rainbows. It is full of struggles and I want to be able to show real life. Not the “real” life we are use to seeing now and days.

Stay well and be fit!

My Best,