So today is day 9 of both “Grain Free” and “30 Push Ups a day” challenges I made for myself. I picked the quote because it is so fitting to real life. You will make mistakes, and you will not be perfect. So focus on the steps you make, and be happy. Don’t wait till the end to be happy. I am very proud of my success so far. I only had two days I missed Push ups, so I doubled them, and one day where I had some grains.

I admit to you that I had one pancake… and only the one. Reason? My boyfriend and I went to a place (yes we went out…but it was for a special reason) that specialized in their breakfast. One being their pancakes. So him and I both ordered a healthy breakfast with one pancake. We had our coffee with Maple instead of sugar or cream. As for the creamers they placed on the table… well we played Janga with them. Does anyone else out there stack them too?

So take that pancake out and you have a pretty clean week. I weighted myself, for I noticed I was less bloated, and my pants were loose. Sure enough I had dropped 2 lbs. I knew my issue was grains and carbs. I took a week of eating lettuce wrapped tuna with almonds with a side of veggies for lunch. I had simple dinners with 1/3 meat and 2/3rd veggies. Breakfast being a quick shake of almond milk, spinach, powdered PB, banana and frozen fruit. Snacks for the day being almonds and hard boiled eggs. This week I have shakes, cauliflower stir fry left overs for lunch and pork chops with baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

So I had one day of a small give in, but this week I have a plan and feeling confident. I am feeling really good with my choices and the decisions I am making to better myself. I am also back at the gym tonight doing CrossFit, so I am happy. Slowly getting back into the groove of things 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Stay well.

My best,