Hello and good day to you all!

So I made one of my staple foods last night, cauliflower stir fry! When I started my whole30, this became one of my go to meals. It was easy, quick and delicious! Last night I didn’t have all of the ingredients I usually have on hand, but I still made it work.

You can use any kind of meat for this. Chicken, pork, chorizo (so good), sausage, etc. Last night I had teriyaki pork tenderloin (on sale for $3.00) cooked and cut up. I used two frozen stir fry veggie medleys and 2 heads of cauliflower (total of $10). I usually use Coconut Aminos (one bottle is about $7) and organic chicken broth ($3.00) to flavor the cauliflower as it cooks. But last night I improvised and used Chili Garlic hot sauce instead.

To make this dish you will need some kind of blender or food processor to break down the cauliflower into “rice like” texture. When cutting the cauliflower down, I find it easier to cut the bottom at an angle and cut into all sides, but this way is also recommend. Once the bottom is gone, you can then cut it into 3rds. In each 3rd I cut into thick slices, then half those. This should give you sizes small enough just to fit into the food processer shoot. If you have a blender then you can just rip the florets off and place into the blender.

As you are getting your rice started, have a big enough pot heating up on the stove. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to coat the bottom. Once you have pulsed your rice, you can now start loading it into the pot. Note: two heads make about 2 – 3 full containers in the food processor. Don’t have the heat too high to prevent burning. Treat this now as you would fried rice. Stir often, flavor to taste. As I mentioned before this is when I put a little broth and aminos in. If you have spices go ahead and put them in! Once the rice has gotten halfway cooked you can add your frozen veggie mix until warm. If you have fresh veggies, I’d cook them along with the meat in a separate pan, then combine at the end. Meat should be cooked separately in this case so it is fully cooked. If you want to make it like cauliflower fried rice in a wok, then treat it like that. (side note: My boyfriend and I made this one night, and it was soo good. We didn’t miss the Chinese place down the street).

That is pretty much it! So simple, so good, under $20 (if you have the aminos already on hand) and 100% Paleo 🙂 (watch the meat, some are not Paleo like my teriyaki meat), I get about 6-7 containers/meals worth, which equals less then $4 a meal. I hope this helps any of you who were wondering about it, and or want to try it.

Stay Well!