So I decided to set a challenge for myself that was inspired by Spartan’s Monthly challenges. 30 push ups, 30 days. So far I am doing ok. I got so busy editing photos for a client yesterday that I forgot to do them. It was day two, so it happens sometimes. You forget early on, don’t feel bad if this ever happens to you. For me, it just means I have 60 to do today.

Why challenge yourself if you are doing workouts already? Because it is good to set goals, and challenge yourself beyond your normal routine. I give credit to my boyfriend for this inspiration. He has said this to me since day one 🙂 And it is so true. Yes I CrossFit, yes I run sometimes(and I mean sometimes…not a big runner), but why stop there? If you stop, you are only limiting yourself. A concept in which I was very much OK with a few years go. I was do some here and there and felt good I did something. That is great when you are starting out. You are moving and shaking and accomplishing more then before! But as I found out years into this new life, and new fitness journey. You have to push yourself to grow. You have to push to be fit…and being the almost fit chick…well I must make some changes to get past it.

So since this month has been weird for working out and making it to CrossFit as often as I would like. I am challenging myself. I am also challenging myself one more by not eating grains for a month! You read right. No bread, no pizza, no breaded chicken (even if baked), no granola, no rice, no pasta, no mac and cheese…none of it.

How do you deal? Well, since I have done the whole30 and found grains to actually bother me. I have found alternatives. Cauliflower being the best one! You can make rice out of it, mashed “potatoes”, it can be a filler, and a pizza crust. It is so versatile, I often wonder how this amazing vegetable was not promoted before. Now that Paleo and gluten free has become more known, recipes are out in full force!

This week I plan to make one of my staple meals. Cauliflower stir fry! I will post the recipe soon. It make enough for a week if you are meal prepping, and it cost less then $20. It is healthy, clean eating and filing! Making it easy to stay on track.

So with the meal and push up challenge going on, I am feeling more confident in myself. I am not going to feel bad if I miss a day on push ups because I can make those up. I know I can do the food because I had to before. It is a month of almost redemption for myself. I fell off the food wagon, and had issues beyond my control limiting my working out time. This month I take back me!

Join me on my push up challenge! The rules are to do 30 a day for a month. That can be 10 in the morning, 10 at lunch and 10 before bed. Or all 30 at once during a good time for you. If you miss a day, you just double it up the next. What do you say? Is there another challenge you are doing or have done for yourself? Would love to hear your stories!

Stay well and be fit!