So Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I seized the day and went out to his lake and enjoyed the open waters. I, who has never been in a Kayak was introduced to it, while he on a stand up paddle board. I had no idea these things had little feet peddles you had to rest on with your knees slightly bent. I always thought you just sat in and went. Nope.

So after getting that squared away, we filled up the watertight storages with snorkel gear and shoes and were off. His lake is about 6+ miles around? So we kept to the edge and looped the whole lake. In between we stopped and snorkeled a little but the water clarity that day was not that great. I tried out the paddle board which was actually fun. I had a hard time balancing on it, so for him to go the whole lake was impressive. We even got close to the neighbors water plane which was neat.

The lake was buzzing with activity so we had to stop now and then for the high waves to pass. I am still shocked at how fast some of these boats go when close to small boats and swimmers. I know it is against water regulations, but no one is out there to patrol. Other then those hiccups, we had a great time. We managed not to get sunburnt too (still can’t figure that one out). It was just such a beautiful day.

So I am happy I got to try two new things, and put another check mark on my list of things to do/learn. We do have plans to go to Salem MA and kayak their tour there. I, now that I have some idea on how to kayak. I am ready and excited for that day! I need more paddle work, for I used my arms more then I was suppose too. But, I have all summer to work on it 😉  Hope you had a great weekend and got to get out and do something new too!

Stay well!


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