One thing I heard many times when starting CrossFit was that some days the weight just feels “Heavy”. You logically think, why would that be? Once you hit a weight amount, it should be uphill from there? Nope, there are so many factors as to why this happens. Dehydration, lack of energy, not the right nutrition to give you what you need, that burger and fries the night before. Sometimes there is no explanation. It just happens.

This morning I had one of those mornings. I went to my 8am class and we had thrusters and deadlifts as a METCON. Now I just went over thrusters with my trainer Tuesday and I was at 55lbs. This morning? 35lbs. I was not happy with the sudden issue of lifting that bar over and over at 55lbs. It was so easy Tuesday? Well my reason was a few factors. Food the night before, and dehydration. My boyfriend and I made a deal that we were to stop going out to eat for 30 days. Last night was the last one. So we splurged with burgers and fries.

It made its effect on me today. My Kettlebell was low as well this am. But the one thing I learned over the course of doing Crossfit and for myself was that I need not to punish myself if this happens. Especially when you did everything right and you just weren’t there. I used my light weight to work on form instead. I took that ketchup and turned it into salsa as they say.

It is apart of the growing process of being a fit person and working out safely. If I felt it was too much and still went with it, I then would be putting myself in a situation of injury. And that is the LAST place you want to be, especially me and my rest day issues.

So if you are reading this and feel this way as well, know that it is OK. It won’t be this way every time and take a breath and find positives in it. Know what to change, and how to grow from it. It will help you be a better athlete and better at dealing with disappointments in life. I am no way a coach or a professional, but I speak from experience. CrossFit for me has become my life’s teacher. I am learning soo much about myself, my abilities and overall coping of life’s challenges. If you haven’t done it, or fear it. I say try it once and see what you think. It never hurts to try.

Hope you are all well in your fitness journey. Thanks for checking in on mine, and have a fantastic weekend!