Why the title? Because I always feel like I am almost fit. Almost thin, almost strong. I never feel fully there.

Hi, my name is Katie and I have that typical weight loss story that everyone loves to read. I know, I am guilty of it too. Nothing wrong with it. But what they never tell you is how HARD it is to stay that way and to maintain life with new restrictions. I find it incredibly hard and something anyone who has lost weight can relate too.

As for fitness, I have always been that artisy fartsy kid who dreaded gym! I was never good at it, I was never picked on a team and was always on the bench. So when I dove into the world of running 5 years ago… I had serious doubts I could do it. I am happy to say that 3 months in I was running 2 miles straight and had completed my first 5k. I am sad to report that shortly after that my ankle gave out during a sprint routine leaving me to fall hard and tear my hip muscles. It took two years of recovery and two years for a diagnosis! Thank you to Sebastian my final PT guy, who stuck by me and helped me run again.

Fast forward almost 3 years to 2013. The year I decided to loose the weight. I was up to my highest of 189lbs. Being 5′ 1/2″, the weight was a lot. Culprit? what else, my eating. I had a food addiction that I denied. I lived off of chips, pasta, rice, fast food, dinning out. It was easier. But my weight had done a number on me. I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, I have had Hypothyroidism for 12 years, and Endometriosis for more. My symptoms were off the charts and I had to do something.

A fellow friend of mine at work was pro Paleo. I couldn’t understand HOW he lived this way or why. (Paleo is a way of eating from the Paleolific times from the past in a modern world – No dairy, No grains, No legumes, No bad oils, no sugar) it wasn’t until another friend of mine took a challenge to change his eating and stuck with it for a year. This transformation was incredible. I knew then I had to try it. It was called “The Whole30”.

I’ll make another post on that one soon but it was the best thing I did for myself. I stuck with it for the 30 days and then some! The results were fantastic. I felt better, my endo felt better, my sugar was balanced and I noticed my thyroid medicine when down. It was all too amazing that FOOD did this. FOOD changed everything for me. I started the Whole30 in March of 2013 and by December, I had lost 56lbs and 10 dress sizes. I was a size 4. I had never expected to reach a 4. I didn’t think my body type would allow it. But there I was, buying new pants.

By mid summer fall of 2013 I had also started running again and doing workouts with friends. I noticed a BIG difference in my abilities. Not perfect but better… way better.  I also met someone in Oct of that same year. He, I found out was just at the end of his weight loss journey as well. His method of choice was juicing. It worked for him and I am proud of him to this day for all he has done.  Weight loss is hard. Really hard, and there comes a understanding with one another when you go through it. Doesn’t even have to be talked about, but you understand.

The coming year I joined him in OCR races (obstacle course racing) like Spartan and Zombie runs (those were fun). I also did my first Triathlon! Had about 2-3 5Ks under my belt. It was truly a year of moving! But I still ended up gaining weight back, crushing my confidence. I worked so hard to get to the size I was at, to only see it slip. I got really frustrated because I was doing a ton of things! I was moving! I was climbing 8′ walls!

But here I was after a year of doing all these amazing things, to be 20lbs heavier. I tried clean eating, I did another whole30. Felt great after that but found it to be really hard to stick with it. My boyfriend and I go out a lot, though that isn’t the best sometimes. I still have control over what I eat…but I find I have lost some will power and say ok to that bun with that burger that bothers me so much, or that cheese on that chicken that gives me ache. Or mostly, sure I’ll have a side of fries instead of that small salad. It’s not his fault, it is mine. I have let my old addictions control me. To this day I still am struggling.

As of Oct of 2014 on a dare, I took a free fundamental class at a local CrossFit gym. I had always wondered about it, and heard it was intense. Yes… it is intense, but it is worth it! I was hooked a took on the fundamentals class and got to do 1 month of it. I can’t praise it enough on how much I feel better about myself doing crossfit. I am getting stronger, I feel better but…here is the kicker that all newcomers find.

When I went back in March (had to take two months off) I gained weight and bloated up like a balloon! How is this possible? Well, turns out not only do you gain muscle…but you gain water weight as well. The more you work your muscles, the more you are breaking them down for the first time, there for drinking more water which stays in your body for those muscles to rebuild. It is a process that happens in your first 3 months. So to all those newcomers who are reading this. IT IS NORMAL! As much as it sucks, it is normal.

Now I am just passing the 3 month mark after returning, I don’t feel as bloated, but now I am dealing with the hunger and need to eat after a WOD. Does not help the eating clean aspect. One thing I found and will recommend is a post workout shake (another blog topic to come). It helped with my sugar crashes I was experiencing and fought off the need to eat feeling. Anyone who experiences this after working hard, I suggest a try.

So here I am May of 2015, almost 3 months at CrossFit…still feeling like “The Almost Fit Chick”. My journey is ever growing of self love, self confidence and self worth. Finding who I am, what I am and who I want to be with life and fitness. I am happy to share this in hopes that it helps anyone struggling as well and I hope to inspire others to know that they can do things. It is possible. It is not a fairytale, or easy…but it is totally worth the trip!

This is my life into health and fitness and to myself. Welcome.

(I’d like to note that this title is not copyrighted to me. There are other blogs out there with “Fit Chick” or “Almost Fit Chick” out there. I am in no way trying to disrespect, or take their name. It just fit my situation as I am sure it did for them. So credit given to all those who use this same description).