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Month 2…

So it is day 11 of the month of Feb. I am happy to say I was able to get an average of 2 days in at Crossfit for the month paid by my boyfriend. The last week I lost days due to the loss of my great aunt. She lived over an hour away and getting to the wake and funeral did not allow time to go. But as always that is ok, for remembering a life is always more important. Crossfit will always be there.

As for my food intake, I am happy to say I am doing ok. I started my whole30 off later then I wanted to. The after funeral service was sandwiches only…But I am happy that I still lost weight. I also have two new paleo books to read and try recipes from. That I am super excited about! Taro nachos here I come!

After a month a White Mountain Crossfit, I have to say I do not mind them. I had never broken away from my first Crossfit gym so I had nothing to compare it too. This gym is much bigger and has more coaches and class times. I found the 4pm class very convenient since the gym is less then 2 minutes down the road from my work. Changing and getting in for the warmup is doable. The weekends have open gym which I love. That is my PR day. I am happy to say I back squatted over  144Lbs! I VERY new PR. My last was maybe just over 100? So big jump. This Saturday I am curious to what my deadlift will be. Last PR was 165, and that was in July.

Life, as always, has given me so much to worry about, and I really wish I didn’t. I wish I had the power to shut it off. You all read the positive quotes about letting it go, and don’t waste your energy. But somethings…just don’t go away. They feel too important. So am I wrong to worry? My job is a big one. We are 4 months on 32 hours and there is no real improvement in sight. We were told at the end of the month(maybe) we may hear if they plan to go back to 40 hours or cut people. The one hinted at is the cutting people. Now we have worked with each other all for a minimum of 12 years. It is like a family. I am not really ready to say goodbye to my family.

I also need to move, and start my photography business and other aspect of my life are not in place to where I want them. The area I want to move too is expensive and breaking into that area would mean marketing hard! I could loose everything…So yes, lots and lots on the mind.

But on the positive side, I am always grateful that you can go to a gym, lift that heavy weight, or go for a run, or dance your ass off in Zumba to help yourself through it. Fitness is a must in life, and it won’t ever leave you. Only you leave it, and it always welcomes you back.

I’m signing off, stay well and happy.


P.S. I am watching on periscope right now 🙂


Whole30 #?

So as I wrote to you before, I am very happy that I have started getting back into CrossFit because it is one of those things that is just apart of you. You have to do it in your life, and you miss it when you step away. You just need it.

Well Whole30 is something I need to do again. I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago and it all started with Whole30. Well, two years later I weigh almost the same as I did two years ago, my pant size is not the same (which lets me know my weight has muscle to blame which is NOT a bad thing) however, I did still gain fat. That I am not happy about.

I had hoped that I could live my life being 80/20 paleo. But I am learning that my body is not taking it like it did 2 years ago. My body needs to be more stripped like 95/5 paleo. In a lot ways this is depressing. I had always hoped that could enjoy some things and still eat clean. But as I see myself in the mirror. It is not how it is meant to be.

This is where the Whole30 comes in. It is 30 days of pure paleo eating. It will get be back into living this way. I always lose weight and measurements when I do this, and I get use to not having sugar and carbs and get icky when I have them again. Feeling icky is the best thing for you because you avoid it. I need to get back into avoiding.

I also have been cutting back on caffeine and I am very happy about this. I do not wish to have coffee as soon as I get up, and I do not feel like I need it anymore. So I know I have the will power. It will just be hard with so many birthdays going on, and my life stresses. I have a ton going on and some days I really just want pizza and ale. I have been SO good about not doing it, and making a healthier versions. Not 100% what you want, but it works.

So as of next month I am going to try to get back on a Whole30. Get back to where I use to be. Physically and mentally.

I wish you all well in your fitness journeys and be true to yourself.

My best,



Back at it

CF-KLM-ropeSo this new  year I told myself I really need to get back into fitness. So I took the one month membership I have been holding onto for dear life at a local Crossfit gym and activated it. I was waiting for the right time, and it just seemed now was it. I can no longer afford to drive to the one I was going too, and this just seemed to make sense.

I am now 3 weeks in and I forgot how much I love and hate it! I love pushing myself, but I hate the workout as I am doing it. But by the time you are done, it feels AMAZING! I am reminded of my old goals of becoming a trainer and working towards my photography dreams in the mean time. My job situation has given me real reasons to consider this idea.

I had hoped I wouldn’t be put into a position where I have to decide to stay and wait for the ax, or to move forward and leave it behind. I did not think it would end this way, but here I am. Trying to decide what to do with my life, again. I have never found myself to be very positive in life adventures for they always came with tons of struggle and unhappiness. I hope this time around it wont be that way. I will finally be happy with my life, and my job. I am trying to get back to being happy with myself. I lost myself the past few years by letting people and food control me.

I am back at having a slight food addiction and stressing about what is to come has not been helpful. This new year was another way to get off that and start back to where I was 2 years go. I miss that girl from two years ago. She was happy, thriving, in a size she LOVED, and felt good. I want her.

So I end this quickly for I am actually getting ready to go hit a 3pm class. I have no idea what the workout is, but I know I am going anyway. I wish you all the best and hope you are taking this new year and doing good for you, because you deserve it!

My best in health,

The almost fit chick,


When it Rains…

So this year has been a really tough one. My bills went up, and pay stayed the same leaving me to limit travel ( yet again). I signed up for the lurong challenge to keep me going, which I am so glad I did because I stayed Paleo for 7 weeks! I lost weight, improved on my benchmark workouts! I was thrilled. two weeks later my job made me part time…now I have two part time jobs with no time to myself. When it rains…

So I am sorry for not being around to discuss my progress for I really have no time to even make any. This year has been so tough for me and I have tried so hard to keep my chin up and look at the bright side but it is soo hard when one bad thing happens right after another. I miss CrossFit, and I miss doing my photography.

I feel drained and I haven’t even started on dealing with not having enough money for my bills coming up. So I am off to do a job search and I am off to get a new fresh start in the year 2016. I hope to get there and get back to the way things were.

I hope you all are doing well and staying to your fitness goals!


My best,


Personal Challenge, Month 2 = Planks

That is right, I decided to do another personal challenge. This time I posted it on Facebook and got a following. The goal is to do 30 second planks for a 30 days. The 4th being day one. I was happy surprised to see family and friends join in. A group big enough to create a small group page to post our progress and offer support. It has been a humbling beginning as pictures and times are posted. I feel good that I started something that has given a dominoes effect to others. Is this what it feels like to push people and to help them be a better self? Because I like it 🙂

Though this challenge was for me, I am really happy to see others join in. I am trying to keep fitness where I can in my life and I have been looking into Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coaching heavily this past week. I am ready for a change, and I am ready for my life to begin.

I hope you are well and going strong on your fitness journeys! I know mine is still just the beginning!


Family, friends and some fitness

So it’s been a fun filled weekend! Been busy with family, friends, photography and adventues! I have been slowly getting back to fitness. I was able to go to CrossFit twice in one week! I learned the methods of Kipping and how to work my way up to s strict pull up as I mentioned previously. I started researching and getting information on getting a Level One CrossFit certification. I also was able to kayak for the second time 🙂 Though the rental was a bit of a pain and had me second guessing my skills. Turned out it wasn’t just me. The kayak’s rudder was warn out and kept going up or turning the wrong way. In turn my arms got a major workout!

It has been so nice going out and doing things again. Went out with friends on the lake. Had a wonderful dinner which included a beer can chicken. My boyfriend has been dying to try it. Splurged on some ice cream 🙂 Overall a great day.

The following day we met up with my Dads family reunion. I love this, and look forward to it every year. Family from all over come to play softball and catch up. I splurged a little on chips, dip and one cookie. But! I had a hamburger on my grain free bun 🙂

I included pictures from the previous weekend as well when we stopped at Shaker Village and the tall ships 🙂

Hope all of you are well! I am planning a new monthly challenge of 30 second planks a day. I’m 4 days behind, but I want to add core work and with the little time I seem to have, this will be a great “for now” alternative. Hope you join me!

Stay well!



Getting back on the wagon

This month was one for the books. I haven’t been so stuck in a position of getting up, going to work, getting home to only work some more then bed. I had goals as you may of remembered to run twice a week. Fresh from being inspired by a Ragnar Relay my boyfriend and friends did. To my demise, I got too busy, even for myself. I decided to run a yard sale to get rid of stuff, in the same time frame as I was doing a newborn shoot. Along with this I got orders in the mail I had to take care of. My time got spent really quickly. On top of that I had CrossFit photos to take and edit.

So here I am, finally taking the moment to write 29 days into this month. I know life happens and you have to put things aside, but I had a hard time putting CrossFit and running aside. I never wanted to be that person that says “I don’t have time”…but for the first time, I felt like I didn’t. I was up late and up early. I even went into a slight depression over it. Crossfit keeps me sane…

The good news is, I was able to go last night and do a personal training session with my coach. Boy did I miss it. We worked on pull ups and kipping. I was happy to find out he was impressed on how quickly I picked up on the movements for the kip. I thought I looked funny so yay to me!  I wish I had all the time in the world to just focus on my body and working on it, then wasting my day at a job that does nothing for me. I hate my job now, and I don’t have a lot of photography. My photography is a big goal of mine to make it more dominate in my life, but if I had to have a job to pay the bills. I really want it to be a positive one.

As the past few days have gone by, the feeling of wanting to be a coach has progressed again. I learn so much from my coach and all the coaches at this gym…I just want to tell the world! And Crossfit is such a love for me. It feels like a no brainer. I just wish it wasn’t $1,000 for the class…

On another note, I am SO happy to say that I went back to my Paleo ways. For about 3 weeks with one or two cheat days each week, I lost 11lbs 🙂 It makes me feel so good knowing what works best for me, and when I slip up,  I just need to get back on that wagon and do it. Keep that in mind! You can get back!

That wagon tumbles and turns on you but you can get right back on! I hate to make false promises and I feel as if I made one this month. I am hoping that next month delivers more for me and I can get my life back. Hopefully a new goal path will be laid out and I can finally have the life I want. Because all that is stopping me, is me 🙂

Hope you are all well in your fitness journey’s! My best.


Fourth of July Adventures

So this past weekend ended up being a pretty good, fun filled time. Saturday, as many did. Was celebrated with a family reunion/BBQ at the parents house. It started off crummy with rain, but finally let up just in time for the food to cook as the sun came out to warm us up. By 7, my boyfriend and I decided to Geocache. If you don’t know what that is, it is almost like treasure hunting, but instead it is people’s “caches” that you are finding. One person or persons will make a Geocache by placing an item and a log book. You find this cache via the Geocache app. Here the coordinates of this location is shown on the phone. When you find it, you log your name into the book inside the cache (box, canister, plastic bag, etc) and in the app. There you can also tell others if the cache needs maintenance, updating, or if it no longer exists (lot was paved over, someone stole it, etc). We could not reach this particular cache since it was too far into the woods and we only had flip flops on, but we walked further past the location to find and old mill spot. There are tons of these around the state and here was one, right in my backyard! There apparently was an old brick mill close by which was indicated in the foot path along with the map. We will most likely be back to get the cache when fall hits.

Sunday we set out for a hike that we have waited about a year to do. Up in the White Mountains on Mt. Waternomee. There is a plane crash site from 1942. A B-18 Bomber plane which was on a training excursion misplaced their location for RI after some time had passed, and they were not familiar with the surroundings. Due to the weather in January, visibility was faulty as well. Unfortunately they descended thinking that was the correct path to get back, when in fact it brought them low enough to hit the mountain. The crew of 7 hit hard, shattering the plane as it landed. 2 men did not make it, 3 were able to walk down the mountain hurt to find rescue, and 2 were in critical condition. Amazingly the town of Lincion, snowshoed up to rescue these men.

The story is a sad one to hear, and the site is unbelievable to see. The places of the parts we know are not all in the same place they landed. Shortly after the crash, a bomb squad was sent up to detonate the bomb on board for safety. Also it has been over 70 years of weather, hikers, and animals that could of touched and moved them. But the site is one to see. The  hike up was rough for me, for I haven’t hiked straight up hill in a long time. It is a total of 2.23 miles, 1.4 to the base, 1 up. It felt like two hours to the top, but it was more like 1 hours and 45 minutes. You can see the trees lesson when you get close to the crash site. Over the years the trees have grown back, but for this one area…it shows its history.

We walked all around the area, with the center being a rock with a plaque on it. Dedicated to the Men on this plane. In the middle of the path was 3 American Flags. A reminder of the freedom we fight for and the ones lost in the wars. This crash was January 14th 1942…War had just started a month earlier. To see the blue circle and the white star on the wing… was surreal for me. I had planes I played with, with my brothers that had that symbol. Movies watched throughout school in history class, and here it was. Right in front of me. No prop, no plane on display at a museum. This was the reality. This crash symbolized all the planes shot down to me. This may of been an accident, but this happened so often during the war. The men that did not survive…

Here are a few pictures I took of the plane, the trail too it and one of me at the Mill.  If you are an adventure, and love history. This is one to put in your books. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! Stay fit!

IMG_6914IMG_692211243715_10153493744186204_4966755758225248144_n 18797_10153493744296204_2472446651527495391_n 11666019_10153493744251204_2075375778055196419_n 11254228_10153493744426204_6231991923253281934_n 11209498_10153493744811204_2480656397472018431_n 1891024_10153493744956204_8850999546833655576_n 11540942_10153493745041204_309494855020942177_n 11053087_10153493745191204_2610620653031634802_n 11221765_10153493745366204_2437600750781799232_n 11709421_10153493745546204_856835646340044827_n 11707620_10153493745691204_3263839798755133249_n 11698702_10153493745886204_7324024490410715720_n 1531631_10153493745951204_8047812172959977937_n

New month, new goals 

it is the first of July! Last months challenge is done! No more daily push ups! This month I set out a new goal for me. Running.  Yes, I hate running. I say it loud and often. But… I have to embrace the suck. I don’t like that my average time has gone back up to 13 minutes. I hate that I’m heavier then last year. I am not happy where I am physically.  So, I can sit and cry about it. Or… do something about it. So today I ran. Waited for the clouds to lift after a thunderstorm and took off. To greet me at the first turn into the road was a rainbow 🙂  My route is dull and straight, but almost comes to 3 miles. I use my mapmyrun app and jam to rock music.  My goals this month are two things. Get my average back to 11, and get my 5k down to 35 minutes. I hope I can get the time and miles in between photography, possible second job, and yard sale set up I have going on.  I’ll be happy if I can get at least two days in! You guys are my witnesses!  I hope you are doing well in your fitness journeys 🙂  Keep moving!  -Katie     

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